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Tarns Hood is a Wellington based Performance Poet and the 2019 AND 2020 Wellington Regional Poetry Slam Champion! A rhythmically risky raconteur, she’s known for describing the ordinary using a lick of quick, tricky verse.

Her poetic works focus around addiction, mental health, being oddly observant and general irreverence.

Her unique brand of poetry is often funny, raw, honest, emotional and ridiculous.

Tarns Performance Poet Slam Poet

Tarns has performed at festivals, variety shows, charity and awareness fundraisers, competition stages and corporate events across NZ. She’s a frequent contributor to publications like NZPS and Regenerate Magazine and her words have been heard across local and national radio.

‘Tarns’ poetry cracks with rhythm and wit, often navigating detours, road blocks and left turns without ever leaving you behind. If spoken word was the Fast and the Furious franchise, Tarns would be Vin Diesel.’

Jordan Hamel 2018 National Poetry Slam Champion

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